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ROT IN HELL Peter Dupas The Mutilating Monster   Keyword: ROT IN HELL Peter Dupas The Mutilating Monster Author: Jim Main Publisher: BAS Publishing ISBN: 9781920910969  Code: 0807201103 Price: $26.95 Quantity:   Available Qty: Out of Stock

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ROT IN HELL Peter Dupas The Mutilating Monster

by Jim Main


EAN 9781920910969

Evil, depraved, savage, vivious, sadistic and perverted...all these adjectives have been used to describe convicted killer Peter Dupas, the Mutilating Monster. But none come even close to descrrbing the true horror of his gruesome crimes. Dupas did not just murder Nicole Patterson, Margaret Maher and Mersina Halvagis, but also maliciously mutilated them so brutally that there were few, if any, comparisons in homicides around the world. Dupas stalked victims to make sure they were alone, and then struck to stab and slice. Dupas the sexual offender and rapist was released time and time again, only for three women later to die at his hands. After one of his three convictions under the order of 'never to be released', one of his victim's sister screamed at him "rot in hell, you bastard". This is the Dupas story, of how a quiet, pudgy schoolboy became one of the most evil predators in Australian criminal history